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KB4534310 and KB4539601 fail to install - Resolved

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

So this was a strange one. I performed a clean install of Windows 7 SP1, and installed all 160 or so pending updates, but the last 2 updates (KB4534310 and KB4539601) refused to install with a 8024200D error. I tried literally everything i could find online to fix this (sfc /scannow, reset the software distribution folder, add-package via dism, confirmed the latest Service Stack update was installed), nothing worked.

In the end, i ended up performing a new clean install, but hit exactly the same issue. So i trawled the forums again with more vigour, and this time I came across a couple of posts mentioning that installing KB4524157 might fix this. Now KB4524157 is merely the Windows 7 security rollup for October 2019, and I already had the newer security rollup for January 2020 installed, so i thought 'well that isn't going to work' as security rollups are cumulative, so i should already have everything that was included in the older rollup, and thinking maybe those suggestions were when the October rollup was the latest available. However I had nothing to lose, so i downloaded the October 2019 Security rollup from Microsoft Catalog and installed it. Rebooted. Then tried to install KB4534310 and KB4539601 again. Lo and behold both installed without error. As a precaution i installed each, one at a time via Windows Update, then rebooted, then installed the 2nd hotfix, and all was fine.

Incidentally, 5 more older hotfixes appeared after installing the above 2 updates, which was a little odd, but they all installed fine too, until no further updates were available.

I have no idea why installing the older security rollup, got past this issue, but i hope this helps someone else. Feel free to comment below if this helps you! :-)

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