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Installing ESXi 8.0 U1 step by step

Updated: Feb 6

I am installing ESXi 8.0 U1 in my homelab. The installation is very straightforward, but i though i would write a guide to document the process.

Nested Lab Step: I have created a VM and configured it with 8GB RAM (the minimum requirement for ESXi 8). I have also enabled the Virtualization settings under Edit Settings → CPU, as shown below

You will need the ESXi 8.0 Update 1 ISO, so download that from your VMware Portal.

Mount the ISO via your iDRAC or other remote console (or you can use a USB bootable installer as described in my article here. I'm doing this in a nested lab, so i have mounted the ISO to my VM CD drive.

Boot your host, and it should now launch from the mounted ISO

The familiar boot screen appears after a few seconds, and the installer begins decompressing modules.

The installer reaches the main installation prompt, press Enter

Review the license and press F11 (Accept and Continue)

The installer scans for devices to install ESXi on

Select a location to install from. In this case i configured a 40GB for my ESXi nested VM.

Press F1 for more details, useful if you have multiple disks or previous versions of ESXi installed, and you wish to inspect further. Once happy, press Enter to continue

Select your keyboard layout as required, then press Enter

Enter a root password, then press Enter

Review the warning message. Once happy press F11 to continue

Installation begins....

Installation completes. Disconnect/Unmout the ESXi 8 ISO, then press Enter to reboot

The host initiates a reboot.......

ESXi 8.0 first boot

ESXi 8.0 boot completes and you reach the DCUI login screen

Navigate to the URL shown in the DCUI, and you should now see the logon screen

Enter the credentials configured during setup and login. You will be prompted to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Accept the default/enabled setting (unless company policy prevents you from doing so) and click Ok

You are now presented with the familiar ESXi 8 Update 1 User Interface.

and that's how to install ESXi 8 update 1!!

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